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Melanie is a light. The way Melanie holds space is so nurturing and loving. Have it be physical or virtually that we meet, I can always feel how much her radiating energy brings up my spirit. She comes ready to share an abundance of information and I always learn so much from her. Thank you Melanie!

Tracey Wong


Melanie is truly gifted and has helped me transform my life as an artist and as a human. She is very skilled with her communication and her spirituality which allows her to guide me in a way I can understand and follow with ease. Melanie's ability to clear space (body) of stagnant energy, fill it with light and love is truly transformative. As she works with me, I can feel myself becoming lighter and detaching myself from soul ties and generational habits.

Danielle Carty


Melanie balanced my charkras. No other light worker has ever impacted me like that. I share that to say some of my friends have gifts. It's important we love those friends up because they are magical. Melanie I love you tremendously empress. Thank you kindly for showing me another way to decompress and heal.



Melanie not only do you play a support for many but you open up minds to allow new knowledge to enter. You are a light and bright energy that anyone that comes across your path will feel it's vibration. Thank you for continuing to help me grow, constantly feeding my mind and soul. Everyone needs to share your name so that your reach continues to expand minds.

Jennifer Marcano


Melanie has a gift of grace. She provides a safe space and encourages self expression. Her energy is magnetic and nurturing. Her spiritual knowledge has guided me on my own journey of self discovery and transformation. I am grateful, thank you Melanie!

Nikki Toro 
Fem Fusion


I had been disconnected with my intimacy and sensuality side for most of my years and wanted to explore what that would feel and look like to me now that healing had taken place in my life. Coming across [Sexual illumination Class] and working with Melanie really helped me. Her presence, listening, compassion and determination to find ways in offering up practices, that would get me moving towards this new way of being. Melanie has a very humble spirit and is eager to fully hear you out and see where clarity can be provided, with questions asked to better understand the situation. One thing I really appreciated from her is that Melanie really respects one's own essence and truth. Thank you Melanie you really helped me bring light to one of my darkest parts of myself, I'm so grateful that this class came to me in the perfect timing. You are a light in this world we call Earth.

Maureen Asic
Fem Fusion


I am so grateful to have met and been aligned with Melanie Rré. From the moment I met Melanie I was inspired and instantly at ease. I recently signed up for one of the online groups she is hosting. I learned so much and I look forward to exploring more of her offerings. I felt very supported and seen. Melanie  empowers me and the other participants to continue doing personal work with the knowing that  she is there to be a guide. Her warm demeanor and fiery personality make each session feel fun and super supportive. In two sessions I’ve already grown a deeper understanding of myself and Melanie provided powerful tools that have helped me to rewrite my own story (#priceless).

Olga Tibiri 


Zac has been Melanie's student for 2 years now and he loves it. In his word, " my dance teacher is the best, she is so cool and is very patient and supportive. She also has the best moves and techniques". 

I affirm all of the above. Because of covid, I was privy to hearing Melanie give instructions and relate to my son and the other children in the class. Her instructions are very clear and articulate. She also has a very bubbly and positive attitude which works in the favor of her students - this energy filters on. I would strongly recommend parents of kids who are interested in dancing to sign up with Melanie today!

Zac & Mom 
Kids Dance Training


My daughter, Elania, & I first got introduced to Ms.Melanie through the BEAT Breakers Program in the Summer. We didn’t really know what to expect because this was her first time getting any formal dance training and this was still during the pandemic with certain precautions and restrictions. Ms. Melanie was so inviting, patient, personable, and dedicated to her craft, all apprehensions went away and this quickly became the perfect fit! So much so, that we even rejoined the SECOND session in the Summer!! We jumped at the opportunity to sign up for her year round dance classes! Ms. Melanie has introduced a variety of dance styes into my daughter’s (once only hip-hop) world. Even with a just a 1hr session, it is jam-packed with cool and formal techniques, skills, and beneficial habits, that due to her style of teaching, the kids are able to grasp and have fun simultaneously. Through Ms. Melanie’s instruction, in a short time period, I have seen my daughter’s skills, balance, posture and love for dance greatly improve! Along with confidence in her own abilities. Elania gets so excited to show off the latest moves learned in class or a skill she’s mastered. Ms. Melanie is truly well versed in the Dance World and I witness her passion come to life when she connects with the kids in her dance class! So glad my daughter gets to share in this experience!! 

Micki H

Elania's Mom 
Kids Dance Training


 I love the class, it’s great! Ms. Melanie is super fun, gives great instructions, and takes the time to work with you if you’re struggling with a move. She is very patient with her students student. 

I signed my daughter’s up for Melanie’s classes during the Covid lockdown. She really enjoys the classes. I love how Melanie speaks to the kids. She is encouraging and empowers them to feel confident and comfortable in their techniques. I’d recommend her classes to all parents looking for virtual class opportunities with an amazingly talented instructor!

Andrea & Mom 
Kids Dance Training

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