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 Melanie Aguirre 

 Performing Artist & Teaching Artist

Melanie Aguirre is a native New Yorker and a young community leader. Melanie has provided the NYC Arts community with dance competitions, award events, community discussions, charity fundraisers, workshops, theatrical performances and job placement services. She teaches multiple dance styles within the tri-state area, nationally, and internationally. As well as a world renowned solo artist, commercial actress and storytelling educator for museum tours. She was selected in 2017 for a cultural exchange program in Paris, France, at La Place Hip Hop cultural center. In 2018 she was chosen as Hip Hop Ambassador through Next Level USA, traveling to Ankara, Turkey teaching a Hip Hop Cultural exchange program. With her years of experience teaching globally, coordinating events and leading healing circles she's evolved her expertise now into her passion of energetic alignments. With these different avenues of outreach and experience, she has been able to inspire healing through creativity as well as a living example through her own work.

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